Run Away from Stress!

Stress, the tug of war between what you ‘wish’ was happening and what ‘is’ . Stress, the knot that ties desires you have to the disillusionment of not having what you want. How do you deal with it?

What do you do when stressed? I have a lot of stress right now in my life. As I fight against the tide that is the stress threatening to overwhelm me,  I simply RUN!

Not away from the stress. No. Though I wish I could. I embrace it. I get on my treadmill and simply let my thoughts roam.As I put first one then the other foot forward, I imagine that I am running away from stress and towards those things I wish were happening. As I lift my feet first one, then the other, in the rythmn that is demanded by my treadmill; I imagine that I am jumping over the huddles that are plaguing my life.

Joblessness…I leap! Lack of money…. I leap again! As I approach the moment where my body seems to will itself off the treadmill usually preceded by labored breathing, dragging of feet and pain from parts of my body that hetherto didn’t seem to exist; I shift my thinking to positive thoughts. Think of creative ways to solve all the huddles I am facing. I go through all the things that I am currently doing to solve the situations in my life and try to come up with what else I could do to improve my station. Often, not always, I arrive at one or two things I could do to make things better. Other times, while still captive on my treadmill, I resolve to keep trying what I am doing. Simply reminding myself that giving up is not an option.

Now, I know you know that exercise is good for you. All the experts say so. So find a way to run away from your stress. Running, walking, breathing exercises, yoga, are all great ways to release  endorphins that help your body re-energize and stimulate your mind as well.

Try it ! Run away from  your stress!

One thought on “Run Away from Stress!

  1. Truth or illusion; nonetheless, a realistic look into what is and how to deal with the reality at hand. Very inspiring article, thank you.

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