Dorning the mantle of Trust

“I trust him to….”

“I trust her to….”

How many times have we heard people say that?

My theory is that trust is our  expectations of others shrouded under the guise of knowing that they will act in a manner that will be pleasing to us. When I hear people verbalize how they ‘ know’ a person will not do such and such because they trust them, it brings home the fact that they obviously expect the person to fulfill certain things.

So can we do without trust? Or is it a necessary ingredient that serves as the assurance that we have some semblance of control over others actions? When we trust, we hope that the person will be motivated by our well-being or that they have values (Robyn M. Dawes & Richard H. Thaler,Anomalies: Cooperation, 2 J. ECON. PERSP. 187, 195 (1988).) As a result we can rest in peace and handle those things that are within our control.

There is a certain amount of vulnerability that accompanies trust. More and more I find that it is crucial to communicate our expectations so that others may know what is required of them. This sometimes saves me a lot of time and disappointment especially when dealing with friends and family. Clearly stated expectations will save you a lot of hustle and the unnecessary heartache associated with hoping that people who care about you will behave in a manner that will be pleasing to you. Trust enables us to handle the present, that which is currently within our grasp that we can manipulate to obtain desired outcomes

Is trust therefore cardinal to our sanity?

2 thoughts on “Dorning the mantle of Trust

  1. It is cardinal to MY sanity. Are we hardwired to trust, in the same way we’re wired to love? Love and Trust seem to go together, though we all know the acrid taste of betrayal by a loved one who we continue, to our shame and horror, to love dearly.

    Trust also means I’m counting on people to be better than their base qualities. To remain trustworthy in the eyes of my family and close friends (or hoping they love me enough to forgive me when I do not live up to it) is something that keeps me better, it keeps me accountable. Equally importantly is the trust I hold to my own self.

    Trust in institutions – now that’s a topic to tackle all on it’s own, I reckon you should address it!

    1. Love is an innate quality that define the quality of relationships we have with one another.

      Trust in institutions?….mmmhh perhaps I will address that one later. You are right. It is altogether a broad topic that requires some thought. It requires some mulling over as I carry a healthy dose of skepticism when dealing with institutions.

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