Loving Levin!

Levin is a character in Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’ who at first tries to court Anna but is crushed when his offer of marriage is rejected. This turns out to be a blessing, because he ends up marrying a fine woman, having children and living a genteel life in the country for which he is much admired by his relatives who hitherto pitied him for his lifestyle. Levin struggles with his role in society and finds himself out of his depth when he tries to find his niche both in the country and the city.

I feel connected to Levin because there have been instances in my life when choices that at first seemed innocuous have led to significant outcomes, thereby altering the course of my life.

One such example being the decision to go for what I-at the time-considered a boring dinner seven years ago which resulted in my meeting the love of my life and best friend (I am referring to my husband). The birth of our son a year later led to our lives being inextricably intertwined forever.

Just like Levin, I am very passionate about certain topics, and possess low tolerance for politicking of any form, be it at work or out. In retrospect, I think its because like Levin, I don’t seem to grasp the underlying pomposity that epitomizes the objectives that drives most people.

My desire for simplicity is often at odds with the fast changing times an example being technology where any time I think I understand a piece of technology, a newer, faster one is released the very next instant that seems to be capable of perform major feats.

There will always be a little of the Levin in me and I cherish and nature this part of me that holds on to tradition, loves my family, and abhors self serving ego centrism.

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