Three women; Three Songs

I have an old soul and all the songs these days, though catchy, seem to have a monochromatic theme consisting of all the joy that the material things in life can give you.


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Old School music (in my mind I am still very young) just seemed to have a message that was individualized to the particular artist. You could tell who you were listening to as soon as the song started.

It’s hard to tell  a true singer anymore, oops these days they are called artists due to the excessive use of the synthesizer and lack of singing talent. Oh well what was the point I was trying to make?…oh yeah I never get sick of these three songs…all I have to do is turn up the volume, and I feel like I can sing too. They are the perfect accompaniment to mind numbing house work and when you feel down, nothing can beat the antidote of screaming like Mariah.

New Attitude by Patti Labelle

I love Patti Labelle, big hair, big soulful voice, shiny and boldly designed outfits that I can never picture myself wearing, with a powerful message in her songs.

I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston

Whitney just wanted to dance, end of story!It gets the point quickly and you know she really means it because she shakes up a guy to make her point.

Emotion by Mariah Carey

I have spent years screaming Mariah’s songs in the house much to my family’s chagrin and have yet to nail those notes. She-in my opinion- is the epitome of talent.

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