Enhance your life through prioritizing

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Priorities are those things that

need to get done,

have to get done,

one way or the other or else…..

We all have them. They are those things that sometimes can be pleasant to do but can get to be unpleasant if left undone. Especially if there are consequences such as fines.

Priorities are a deposit on your happiness bank account. When you manage your time wisely and do those things that need to get done, it naturally follows that you will be more pleased with the outcome.

Ever heard of the 80/20 Rule?

It’s really simple. It is the theory that states that 20 percent of what you do is directly responsible for 80 percent of what you get.

It is also a rule that can help you prioritize and do what is most important without wasting too much of your time. It can also be seamlessly transferred to just about any facet of your life. Originally based on Pareto’s principle which states that most of the wealth of a country (80 percent)  is based a very small portion of the country (20 percent)  which was later refined by Dr. Juran who found that  most of what we do is actually trivial  (80 percent)  based on very little that is the vital of what we do (20 percent)

So what does it all mean?

It means that in order to get meaningful results, you have to prioritize. This means taking the time to determine how you will spend your time and how much time you will allocate to different tasks so that you can get the results you most desire.

If spending 20 percent of your time doing things that are most meaningful to you results in 80 percent of an outcome, just imagine if you spent most of your time doing those things that are critical to your life.

80/20 rule can be applied in all situations. Very few people can be responsible for the suffering of many. Very few products can be responsible for the happiness of many. So you see, the rule actually can be applied to almost every aspect of our daily lives.

So how do you apply it?

Prioritizing! Plain and simple! There is no other way around it!

In order to prioritize you need to:

1.       Decide what is important and in some cases unpleasant and must be handled without delay.

2.       Outline the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired outcome.

3.       Get started right away. Don’t put if off for another time when you feel like doing it. Trust me you will feel so much better when you get this out of the way.

4.       Go back and reorganize your priority list.

5.       Plan some time for the trivial. As important as it is to plan for the important things, it is just as important to do those things that are trivial for your own pleasure. I for one, will always schedule time for 30 minutes of mind numbing reality television which in turn will directly be responsible for my 6 hours of doing whatever things are important for my family.

So in this holiday season, when the trivial seems to abound, finding time to prioritize will keep you from having to make those New Year resolutions that are based on  poor time management and bad decisions.

3 thoughts on “Enhance your life through prioritizing

    1. Thank you Kiley. Blogging is whole new world to me and it takes me a while to post articles because I work so hard to find topics that have meaning in my life.
      I appreciate feedback and I am so lucky that you visited my blog.

      Happy holidays.

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