Dealing With Challenges In the New Year – How to Overcome the Challenges That Get in the Way

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The New Year is upon us, resolutions have been made and the scintillating promise of hope, fresh beginnings and the notion that we can somehow mould life by making resolutions hangs in the air.

Why do we keep making and remaking resolutions every year?

It’s because we are aware that challenges are part and parcel of life. That we will face some challenges at some given time and we need to have a game plan should we find our selves in such situations.

So how about coming up with a plan to tackle these challenges should we be faced with them in the future?

Challenges are very much like blizzards.I am pretty sure that you would agree that getting caught in a blizzard would be an unpleasant experience. Blizzard conditions involve poor visibility, slippery roads, low temperatures, and strong winds. All conditions that only the most resilient of characters can overcome while trying to make safe voyage.

I am also pretty sure you would also agree that driving through a blizzard would be a challenge and getting through one would require you to have vision, navigate cautiously through slippery roads while at the same time be aware of other drivers who might be around you; all ingredients necessary to overcome challenges that might get in your way.

Life is full of all sorts of blizzards and we have to find ways to navigate through them. It is how we approach the different challenges that determine how we grow as individuals and whether we will come out on the other side better people because of our experiences. Some of the ingredients that might help you overcome the blizzards that life has to offer are:

  1. Initiate

Most challenges become worse over time if not tackled right away. The consequences of not initiating any action on challenges that you might face, might affect your overall health in that you might spend time ruminating about the challenge. As a result, undue stress might ensue due to the constant mental gymnastics you might be going through turning the challenge over and over in your mind.

Overall the amount of time spent thinking about the challenge in your life could be better spent actually doing something about it. So just like a blizzard, if you must drive through it, then just get started. Do something about the thing that is in your way that must be dealt with in so you can have peace of mind.

2. Vision

Just like driving through a blizzard; before driving through one, a smart driver would try to find roads that are open, salted or plowed. Using unfamiliar back roads might present you with unforeseen delays. The same is true with approaching challenges that might be in your way. With every challenge comes the solution. Envisioning the solution is an ingredient necessary to creating a plan of attack.

Before approaching any challenge, envisioning the possible outcomes. Not all outcomes can be good but envisioning the fallout following the action you take will prepare you for challenge you will be undertaking. It also serves as a guide so that when you are actually in the midst of your (blizzard) challenge, you have something to focus on as a goal.

3. Caution

Caution means taking the time to do it right.

While its great to get started tackling whatever situation you might be facing, I cannot emphasize the importance of taking the time to do it right. Or at least doing your very best and putting effort in every step of resolving the challenge. Some challenges can be unpleasant experiences just like driving in a blizzard. It’s therefore natural to want to get it over with already, but when you take the time to do it right, you increase your chances of getting the best possible outcome.

4. Reflect

Reflection is the act of looking back on what you have already done in order to shape the future actions.

Driving in a blizzard requires you to evaluate your past movements so that you can determine whether you should continue along the same path of find a detour. Applying the same strategy is critical to approaching challenges. Take the time to stop frequently and evaluate your past actions will help you determine whether you should proceed in the same vein or apply new tactics to your problem.

So as we herald the New Year, take the chance to approach life’s blizzards armed with the right ingredients and perhaps have a hand in shaping the outcomes of challenges that might come your way in life.

Reflection is the perfect tool that helps determine the quality of the next step you take in life. Taking time to evaluate actions in your past will determine the decisions you make in your future.

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