Living a Scrat-like Life-Get out of your world; Get into the bigger world.

Ice Age Squirrel On A MacBoook
Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr

I enjoy animated movies. And especially lately, the animated movies. They  have bigger world themes that resonate with real world scenarios. One of my absolute favorite movies is “Ice Age“. My favorite character is Scrat. He is a half squirrel, half rat and his features pay homage to his rodentian heritage.Scrat’s entire world revolves around a singular goal. To safely harbor his precious acorn through the winter. This singular objective  is all-encompassing defining Scrat’s existence so that every event transpiring in the movie revolves around the acorn. In one instance of brilliant innovation, Scrat tries to secure his runaway acorn by wedging it into the snow.  The result is the formation of a crack which extends into a massive fissure that gashes deep into the Earth’s core and  into which Scrat falls. Scrat’s meddling in the core and the ensuing cracks cause tectonic plate shifts which are ultimately responsible for the great Continental Divide. This seemingly innocuous but significant event becomes the foundation on which the entire movie is based.

I like this explanation far better than the mind numbing scientific theories surrounding why the continents are where they are today. Scrat’s life is  a lot like ours.  It is all too easy to get caught up with the challenges in life. To be so consumed by what is going on in:

Your mind

Your job

Your home

Your ________(Insert here)

Events happening in the movie such as the migration of the Mammoths and other species all run parallel to Scrat’s adventures. For every instance a person is consumed with their own individual challenges the world around them has to:

  1. Make accommodations to get by without them- People connected to you have to figure out how to get on without you.
  2. Suffer from not having the participation of the person– The people who need you have to figure out how to function and therefore suffer from your choice to be engrossed in your Scrat-like world.
  3. Experience the consequences of the individual activity you are involved in– The bigger world around you may be changing due to the effects of your singular Scrat-like obsession.

Living in a Scrat-like world means that you are making the choice to miss out on experiencing the bigger world around you. We sometimes have to make choices like that. Figuring out the balance on when to do so is the hard part.

Do you live in a Scrat-like world?

Are you able to snap out of it and experience the bigger world around you?

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