Reclaim your Humanity

Shaken or stirred?

Reclaiming your Humanity means re-evaluating your contribution to human existence. Asking yourself what stirs you? What moves you so that you would do something about it? Your humanity is tested when you are moved to act and help another without an expectation of reward.

In the best TED talk I have ever watched (in my opinion) on humanity, Chris Abani asks a compelling question,

“What stirs you?

Chris introduces his talk with the word, ” Ubuntu” a South African “ism” essentially asking one to  reflect  humanity back to the other. His stories, an amalgamation of unexpected compassion in the midst of horror serve to hammer home the idea that humanity is possible even in the most impossible situations.

Here is the link to the talk:   

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Humanity is the notion that one can rise beyond the restraints of individual needs.It assumes that we are all capable of caring for another outside of our own proximal needs.  As easily as we get caught up in the daily motions of our lives, we often times neglect to extend ourselves beyond what is directly going to benefit us.

Volunteering in the community is one sure way to extend yourself outside of your individual  zone.

I tried it!

It was an alien world at first. Just like a baby taking its first  hesitant step, the experience was filled with unknown entities awaiting exploration. And just like a blooming flower, as soon as I opened up to the possibility of experience, I found a plethora of  organizations serving causes I believed in. Hesitant steps turned into sure walks as I explored the options available until I finally committed to causes that I believed resonated with chore principles I already had.

This is humanity. When you give value back to society regardless of your background.  Being able to activate your ability to:





How else can  you reclaim your Humanity? How can you show that you can do more than care for your individual needs?



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