Taming Your Monkey Mind-Part II

A mirror, reflecting a vase
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All things must change to something new, to something strange.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The idea that nothing stays the same at any given moment is one that most people know. Change,  the transience of all things, was magnified and made even more crystal clear as I continued on the journey towards Mindfulness.

I began an introduction to Mindfulness or Insight Meditation in order to develop awareness of experiences both internal and external. I thought it would be easy but when faced with the action of simply sitting down for 10 minutes and first being aware of breathing, then the body and the emotions housed in the body; I found it extremely challenging to sustain awareness. I felt trapped and wanted to stop the session. I could feel life’s clawing talons trying to extract me from the state I was trying to achieve.  It seemed like there were a million things that needed to get done and they needed to get done right away!  And at that very moment!
“Gotta call so and so..”

“Must write…”

“OOOH I have this great idea and if I don’t stop meditating I might lose it…”

The 10 minutes I had set aside to sit down and reflect had become a gargantuan inconvenience.

My thoughts, emotions and even the state of my body were in a perpetual state of flux. One instant I was thinking of something that absolutely needed to get done, and the next I was engaged in hoping that another thing I was working on would turn out the way I hoped. Even the simple act of sitting down for 10 minutes was quite uncomfortable. As soon as I sat down, an overwhelming urge to shift my body seized me and continued to grow making it impossible to focus on the act of sitting and breathing.

We experience change every single second of our lives. The discomfort that dogged me and refused to leave was my interaction with it. Thoughts that continued to flow were simply life’s experiences I could chose to engage in or watch pass. The ebb and flow of emotions sometimes grew as I engaged them and sometimes receded as I let them play out by themselves.

Experiences are like the burning embers of a fire.You have the choice to either fan the flames of the experience or let the experience follow its own natural course.

The awareness or  mindfulness gives you the ability to be in the space where you can choose to either engage the experience or watch it play out to its resolution. In the wake of each experience is the constant variable and that is you.

Existing in a state of being Mindful or Aware is being able to set your intentions in the interactions you have with your environment.  Mindfulness is non-judgmental like looking at your reflection in the mirror. The mirror doesn’t judge you it simply shows you what you look like. Mindfulness, or Awareness, is the act of seeing yourself. Seeing everything around you. In the seeing you will find yourself changing your interaction with your experiences and ultimately with your environment.

Have a Mindful Day!

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