What in the world is an Aeron chair and why is it so expensive?

The Aeron chair
Image via Wikipedia

So we are watching one of my husband‘s favorite shows…TC cribs ..when he exclaimed, “oh look at that chair! It’s a really cool chair!” The show is a techy version of cribs called TC cribs. It’s actually quite interesting. All the CEO’s and employees look twelve with lots of toys (not computers) to hold their attention. There are  lots of ping-pong tables, pool tables  and other gizmos,  all designed to be visual incentives to hold their young employees attention.

Due to the enthusiasm and the envy in my husband’s voice when he saw the chairs I decided to turn to my number one trusted source of information, “google” when lo and behold I find  to my surprise  that those nondescript looking wire mess chairs are priced in the hundreds. Some of the versions of the chairs are even the thousands. The chair in question is called an Aeron chair and as I pull up the picture, my husband’s voice takes on a loving adoring tone (one that I have not heard in years) as he offers a commentary as to the powers of relaxation that the chair holds . According to my husband, aeron chairs are the ultimate form of back support and are the “IT” chair for those who spend lots of hours with their spines ensnared in the chairs.

I know it will just be a matter of time before one of those normal looking, expensive aeron chairs make it mysteriously  into our home.

My reflection question then is whether there is a price too high for a good back?

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