Where all the Good Intentions Go…

Waikiki Beach at sunset, looking east from the...
"Good Intention" heaven

What happens to most of our good intentions? A friend of mine induced earnest chortling when she said that her good intentions to do something she didn’t see through  went to “good intention heaven”.

I couldn’t help but visualize one of those Sandals Vacation commercials that always promise blissful carefree vacations. Except instead of the gloriously tanned and toned beaming couple walking into the sunset, its good intention vacation with sumptuous “Ought to” lying on the white sand beach and “It would be nice if..”  sauntering over  with just the right tan; a drink on one hand beaming with good intentions.  The two good intentions gaze into the -always- golden sunset resting on the edge of satin blue rippling water and they are content that their intentions have elevated some person into feeling great about themselves.

We all have goo d intentions.  They make us feel like we are better than what we really are. Many times we want to do something, perhaps call someone or see how someone is doing but stop short of actually doing so. Or we want to volunteer but golly gosh we just can’t find the time in our lives to do it. Or to ask someone out to lunch and really get to know them but jeez there is the inconvenient discomfort of actually having to pay attention to someone else’s life.

So what is the deal with good intentions? Is it just our way of kind of, sort of,  doing something good. By virtue of our thoughts we convince ourselves that we are actually good. It’s that old friend Ego stepping in. Running a convincing campaign that you actually don’t have to act on anything but thinking it brings you close enough.

What really IS intention?  It’s a desire to do something. Your determination to act. Your Bourne!

Good intentions are NOT actions. They have not been acted on therefore do not exist in tangible form.

Enough with your good intentions already!  Don’t let your good intentions go to “good intention heaven.” Act on them and let them realize their full potential.  No one knows you have good intentions unless of course you take the time to actually act on them.

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