5 Easy Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

Feel So Good (song)
Feel Good About Yourself

There is a whole industry out there dedicated to giving you tips on how to feel good about yourself. A lot of these so called “feel good about yourself” self proclaimed  experts suggest putting yourself through rigorous regiments which I am not sure really deliver on the good feelings you ought to be feeling.

I am loath to be the odd man out, so I too think it’s about time I came up with “how to feel good about yourself”  tips. But I would not be reflecting if I didn’t feel the need to point out that feeling good about yourself is mostly ego steering you to always feel the need to do more than accept yourself. So then here we go with the 5 easy ways to feel good about yourself:

  1. Treats- Be the one to bring cookies to work. Everyone will love you momentarily. Even those who say they absolutely can’t because they are on whatever fad diet is popular at the time.  Let the gratitude wash over you and serve as a balm to soothe your negative feelings away.  You will feel good about your generous actions for a while unless of course you chow down a whole bunch of your own cookies.
  2. Complements– Take time to compliment someone in your life on a job well done. Especially someone who you see all the time but probably never take time to acknowledge. Like your son, daughter, wife, husband or coworker.  Giving compliments will make you feel good about yourself.
  3. Facebook-let’s face it (I couldn’t help it) facebook is here to stay. So go on some of your friend’s profiles and “like” their status updates and pictures. You know you can’t help but get on facebook so why not do so and get to feel good about yourself. The ‘feel good-ometer is very uncertain on this and the jury is out on whether facebooking can make you feel good or depressed. There have however been studies showing both positive and negative mood effects of following facebook activities.
  4. Cleaning- The process of cleaning is quite cathartic and while for some this is an ordeal; once completed, one feels good about the task and the resulting clean home you have. I find that when I am down, cleaning and cooking really do make me feel good about myself.
  5. Smile– Smiling apparently is responsible for releasing endorphins into your body and according to a Study by the British Dental Health foundation, can be more effective than eating chocolate in producing a good mood. Endorphines are responsible for the good mood you experience after an action.

So as we all continue to seek the ultimate “feel good about yourself” remedy, I hope you find these simple, inexpensive tips useful in the quest to feeling good.

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