Faking Creativity

Is faking a form of being creative?

Creativity is that extra little magic that makes something a little special. It’s doing something differently and in an innovative way that gives pause for thought.  Creativity can also be when you come up with a whole new way of doing things.

But what if you can’t come up with a new innovative way to do something?

What if you all you know to do, is already

Apple Store, New York, Fifth Avenue
Image by Preston Kemp via Flickr

being done? 

Is there any hope of being creative?  Or will what you come up with be considered fake because someone else already came up with it?

I read a story on forbes.com about a fake apple store in China filled with fake apple computers and gadgets. According to the story, the fake store was so original that the employees thought they indeed worked for Steve Jobs.  Other than a few missteps –like putting the name “Apple Store” instead of just having the classic picture with the apple and misspelling the word “store” -, there is no way a regular customer would ever know they were not in the real deal.

Without getting tangled into the ethics of fake merchandising and the moral and financial dilemma this could present to Steve Jobs, the impressive manner in which creativity was applied in creating an entire store around fake products cannot be ignored.  People involved in this obviously have committed to the art of faking which they brazenly display in their workmanship and with proven results being the customers and duped employees.

Creativity can simply be taking something that’s already being done and doing it in a way that works for you and your purposes. You don’t have to come up with something brand new. You can take the tried and true and meet a need that is not being satisfied, modify the idea and present it to those who need it.

Have a creative day won’t you?

3 thoughts on “Faking Creativity

  1. Ya’ gotta love it, really. A fake Apple store in China where the employees actually think they work for Apple. Poison baby food, poison milk, & more “unfortunate” mistakes – so much duplicity out of China – not even remarking on Human Rights & Tibet’s demise.
    Serves someone right – everyone giving in to that big bully called China – what is everyone scard of? Nothing. It’s just greed and greed has some funny and not so funny side affects. AIn’t life a pisser?

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