The Art of Being Patient——-How to overcome the Impatience of being Patient

People in a Waiting Room
The Waiting Room is a room designed for Patience

Being Patient is  the act of practicing forbearance or restraint while waiting for a particular thing to happen. The Quality of being Patient is one that is tested time and time again for each and every one of us.

Being Patient is an occasion of restraint for  our actions, especially when they are driven by wanting. The space between waiting for something to happen and wanting it to happen requires the practice of patience (Or impatience for some). Being Patient means you have to exercise restraint in your actions.  Wait for whatever you want to materialize. Most of all how you use that time will determine your relationship with being patient.

So the other day, while on hold for a particularly long time and anxious for the outcome I hoped would result from the phone call, I had the opportunity to practice sophisticated art of being patient. I ignored negative words that came to mind and wrote down positive words that came to mind as I practiced patience. This was no easy feat, especially since my hopes alternated between rising and getting dashed every time I thought the wait was over, only for the automated recording to come on and tell me that my call was important to them and that the next person would be available soon.

Patience is a virtue because it is the one time where acceptance of that which is beyond your control is truly in practice. It also involves existing within the waiting and determining what your relationship to that wait time truly is. The attitude you choose to have during the waiting will influence the thoughts you have and in the end how you act during and after the waiting period.

So here are the words I wrote down during the period of patience, I thought about them so that by the time I had practiced being patient and the person picked up, I would not transfer negative energy to them just because I was incapable of being patient.

Perseverance-the continuous effort to wait for the outcome to unfold.

Attention-attaching my mind to other thoughts that would help with waiting. Even turning my mind to other projects I could be working on during the wait period.

Tolerance-enduring the wait with a positive attitude. Having a negative attitude turns the period of waiting into an ordeal.

Insight-to see the situation as it really is and not make up reasons for the wait. If waiting for the outcome is what needs to be done then it is exactly as it appears. Just waiting and nothing else. Don’t make up a story about why you have to be patient.

Endurance-sustaining the stress that sometimes comes with practicing patience.

Nirvana-the freedom that comes from knowing that the reason you have to be patient is probably because some of what is meant to take place is beyond your control.

Temperance-Practicing moderation during and after the practice of being patient means you react with tempered reactions that are not driven by the stress of being patient.

Have a Patient day, won’t you?

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