Adaptation-Modifying Your Life to Get Better Results

Chief Quanah Parker of the Kwahadi Comanche
Quanah, Indian Chief

I know that a book is amazing when I keep creating opportunities to read it.  I am currently reading  “Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C.Gwynne. Which by the way, for those of you who care, was a Pulitzer prize finalist.

The no holds barred brutal story of the rise and fall of the Comanche Indians is set in the harsh terrain of what is today Texas, Ohio and New Mexico areas gives a compelling account  of the unpredictable set of circumstances leading to the domination of the Comanche Indians and their utter everlasting defeat in that late 19th centuries.

Avid reader that I am, I often find myself needing frequent breaks when reading non-fiction. Not this time. In fact when taking my 6-year-old to library reading sessions, I am finding myself carrying the book with me and as soon as the little tykes are engaged, I surreptitiously ease the book out of my bag and begin reading it.

Entranced with the constant struggle between the groups fighting for dominion over the sun drenched plains of Texas, one theme emerges throughout the book.


For any one group to dominate the other, they had to adapt to their environment. Learn the terrain, learn fighting methods that would place them at an advantage and finally learn the enemy thoroughly.

Adaptation is the modifications you make after realizing you are getting the same results over and over. Look around and see who else is doing the same thing you are doing. Why are they getting different results?

Working out is one such example. For optimum results when working out, modifying techniques and eating habits will help give you better results. Change is what one wants to see. A better outcome can be achieved by learning what others are doing with the same exact situation.

To adapt effectively it is imperative that one be on the lookout for different ways that are being implemented to achieve better results. Creating opportunities for adaptation will help give varied perspectives and opportunities to improve and/or get better results.

What are you already doing  and how can you modify it to get better results?

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