Smile Around The World

Warm smile
Big Smile Big Hat

Why do we find children so cute? Is it because they seem to have the most fun? Is it because, unlike grownups, they don’t have the capacity to hold grudges for too  long for it gets in the way of fun?

A friend of mine the other day was sharing the wisdom of his 8-year- old son. According to the 8-year-old, when someone smiles at people, it makes those people smile in return. The smile then gets a chance to travel around the world.

What’s a smile but a wordless exchange in good will. It’s you saying to the other person,

“Hello, I see you and we are in this world together.”

Kids know this better than we do. They know how to spread goodwill without having any motives. They know how to put everything aside and just smile. They can change their disposition at the drop of a hat.

As we you go  about your day, remember to spend a little goodwill. Put aside how tired or irritated you might be with events happening around you and just smile a little. You never know, your smile could travel around the world today.

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