Yielding-The Driving Tango

Highways near Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).
Lots of Opportunities to Yield

Just as there are good dancers, bad dancers, so-so dancers and those that have no business dancing; so too are there good, bad, so-so and have no business being on the road drivers. The intricate tango of driving is such that special terms such as road rage have been coined to describe the extremity of emotions that can sometimes overcome one during driving encounters.

American roads however, more so than any other country I have ever been in, seems to assume that drivers are constantly looking for opportunities to accommodate change. Lots of yielding opportunities are therefore peppered along American highways.

The mental gymnastics between drivers trying to enter a highway and drivers trying to decide how or even whether to yield on the highway is at best a chicken dance of sorts. A driver tentatively trying to edge its way onto a highway where cars are driving faster is at the mercy of drivers who might:

  1. Try to outdrive the car and therefore make it harder to gain entry onto the highway.
  2. Ignore the silent plea to enter the highway which can sometimes imprison the other car on the shoulder of the highway.  I have witness some cars crawl to a stop due to lack of entry due this.
  3. Seek an opportunities to change lanes and give room to the car trying to enter the highway.
  4. Slow down a little and give the car trying to enter the highway some room and opportunity to get onto the main road.

Driving styles and how we react when a new driver tries to gain entry either onto the highway or onto our lane is similar to our reactions when confronted with unfamiliar events that we don’t necessarily know how to deal with but have no choice but to  incorporate into our lives. What is your reaction when faced with the unfamiliar? Do you:

  1. Try to get so involved in what you already know therefore create a block for any new thing to enter your life?
  2. Bury your head in the sand by ignoring the new change in your life in the hopes that it will go away by itself?
  3. Make changes in your life so that the new event in your life can be part of you?
  4. Slow down a little to understand the new change and give it time to take hold then change the rhythm of your life so that it matches up with the new change in your life?


The answer I am of course hoping for is either C or D but be honest. How do you deal with unexpected changes in your life?


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