Everyday People Living Extraordinary Lives

Everyday people can do extraordinary lives

It’s not very often one meets extraordinary people. I had the occasion to meet not one, but two extraordinary people.

The first,  a woman who has taken it upon herself to make it her business to care about the youth caught up in the cycle of crime in the community. Her entire demeanor seemed to suddenly spark off the volatile charge of her enthusiasm and passion in regard to this topic.  I realized that what she was doing was a series of thankless activities that would at best be talked about by a handful of people. The encounter left me humbled. Not only was this woman getting up on her own volition to do this, she was well aware that very little would actually be acknowledged of her work.

The other person I met up with was a woman who single-handedly started her own non-profit organization geared towards tackling education of hearing impaired in Kenya. As I sat there, knowing that I was an immigrant, I was sorely aware of the fact that I am always planning and waiting on the right time and the right circumstance to propel me to do accomplish my goals.

The question is then, what makes these people different from everyone else?  What makes them get up and do these things?  What is it that they have that makes them capable of acting rather than plodding on with their daily lives?

Are they made differently? Do they think differently? Don’t they get tired of just working away on something that they may never get recognition for?

Doing nothing gets you nothing so perhaps they are different because they decided and acted. They decided to do something.Look out for ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

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