Should Occupy Wall Street Occupy me?

Okay here it is. I don’t know what Occupy Wall Street really really is about. Such as this array of posters from the various Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Occupy Wall Street Pictures

There is no clear message. WHAT exactly do they want? Consolidating the message is key.

Simple message

Simple Action

Simple Outcome

I feel like all the demonstrators should come together and have three buckets with themes posted on them. They should then be asked where they feel their grievances fall into. Only then, can real action be taken to address the needs they feel are not being met.

It’s always easier to criticize from the outside which is why I am able to talk about what I see wrong with the movement. I, like everyone else, have my own list of issues that I feel should be addressed. I just wish there was a clear theme into which I too could fit my issues into.

Not withstanding the lack of time, and money necessary to travel to the site of a demonstration; I feel that the Politics surrounding the issues being talked about have not been clearly articulated. What would I say if someone asked me what I was demonstrating, were I actually to go out there and demonstrate?

Ah at last….Something worth looking into. I am not sure what it is the movement has said that clearly states the actions they want taken. Politicians are probably breathing a quiet sigh of relief (I know I would if I were a Politician) because this is “Occupy Wall Street” and not “Occupy Congress”. After all, these are the people making the decisions influencing the issues fueling the movement.

If I were to participate in an Occupy Wall Street  movement,  I would do it based on a clear message and demands that I felt could be acted on. And because big words that I don’t understand really turn me off, I would simplify the message. I would have a theme. I would choose something simple, like “Change”. But what would I want to change? What’s important is to have everyone on the same page. Look at the demonstration around the world that have led to the toppling of entire regimes. One message. What needs to go? What needs to change? Having everyone on the same page, gives power to a message.  Three messages are clear in the voices in the movement. All other messages fall into these categories. One theme is clear…..Change. People want change. The three messages I keep coming finding are:

1. Transparency-Enough with the magic show. Every Politician would have to show exactly where their contributions came from. What exactly they have voted on for their entire Political Career. What their philosophies are. Online preferably. This is the 21st Century after all. They could just post it online and we could get to know exactly who is in whose pocket.

2. Accountability– Can I have one accountant please? I am not so sure the problem is Wall Street.  The problem is Greed. Politicians who take contributions from Corporations are of course indebted to them. Good o’l  “if you borrow something from me, I will borrow something from you later.” Wall Street is the bastion of Capitalism. It’s what makes America unique. Anyone should be able to make as much money as they can.  Have you ever tried taking Candy from a baby? Corporations will not stop making money Period. But I also don’t like the idea of someone with a lot of money buying the leadership that is supposed to represent everyone. Which means Occupy Wall Street needs to target a different kind of change.

3. Limitations-What happened to Good o’l fashioned debates. Why is Politics a rich man’s game? If I had to demonstrate, this is probably one thing I would have on my board. Limit campaign contributions. Give a chance to those who want to dedicate themselves to the service of leadership. Leadership for all and not for the few.  Lot’s Town Hall debating and less Commercial Advertising.

4. Taxation-Change the tax laws. I can’t say much more on this. This one has been beaten to death. I really don’t have the time to get into Herman Cane’s 999 plan and  Rick Perry’s tax plans. If they can’t tweet the tax changes, then they are too long. 14 characters should be enough to say what they want to see happen with taxes. Our 21st Century attention spans can’t take much more on a lively (yawn) such as taxes. Something…..anything is fine. Just change it so most of us are happy.

5. This list could be longer and could include so much more (healthcare, immigration etc)  but the theme is apparent. I just wish the movement could just minimize all the things they are saying to between 1 and 14 characters.





For now, I am content to watch. Watching to see if the message will…well.. change. If unification results between the various groups in the movement, who knows, perhaps I will be there with them. Perhaps even a change the entire movement to

Occupy Chicago: Signs
The many messages of Occupy Chicago

“Occupy Congress” rather than “Occupy Wall Street”.

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