Harness the Wind; Harness your Dreams

I believe this is a shot of one of William's f...
William Kamkwamba's Windmill

What are your dreams?

Do you believe in them?

Do you work to make them  come to life?

Watching  William Kamkwamba is a testament to the power of believing in your dreams and turning them into reality.  Faced with a bleak future that promised certain hardship, William found  a way to harness knowledge gained  from physics text books and single-handedly changed the circumstances his family was facing.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. Mohandas Gandhi.

Without a concept, reality is inconceivable.  The quagmire we often face is turning our dreams into an action. Nothing ever comes from doing nothing.  Its not enough to dream. Taking action turns your dreams into reality.

One thought on “Harness the Wind; Harness your Dreams

  1. I’ve always had suspicions about commercial wind turbines, how extremely complicated they are, so expensive to build and maintain. Maybe it’s my paranoia, but I often think of how certain interests can take a fairly simple idea like Williams here, and turn it into a multimillion dollar project that assures no cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. I just left a part of the country where brand new, never used ethanol plants sit idle because the process has escalated to such a cost that it is no longer viable. More of us should do what William has done.

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