An ‘Interesting Choice’…

Make it Interesting

“When was the last time I made an interesting choice?”

This was a comment from a contestant in my guilty pleasure show, “The Voice”. Former Mickey Mouse Tony Lucca was telling Adam Levine in response to the question why he thinks it took him so long to get to where he was as singer.

Making safe choices is common sense. Or is it?  The most interesting events in history have always resulted from ‘interesting choices’.  Blogging has been an interesting choice for me. Running a half marathon when I never considered myself a runner was another interesting choice. Going back to school to follow my passion is an interesting choice I hope pays off. Great innovators of our generation, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg all had to make interesting choices in order to get an interesting result.

And now that comment by Tony Lucca has been haunting me all week which is why I feel duty bound to pass it on to you.

“When was the last time You made an interesting choice?


2 thoughts on “An ‘Interesting Choice’…

  1. Subjunctive history. The utter randomness of things. The minuteness of everything. A dizzyness of alternatives. Barring accidents, History is ODTAA…. One Damn Thing After Another. ~Movie, The History Boys

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