On Being Most Ordinarily…. Extraordinary

I doubt anyone  wakes up thinking all they want to do is Be Ordinary. I certainly don’t. But there are times when everything I do seems just….ordinary…compared to everything else going on in the world. At those times, even people who are doing nothing seem pretty excited about doing nothing which makes me wonder, 

              ‘are they truly as excited about doing nothing as they really seem to be?’

I was watching a friend describe her job to me and her eyes lit up as she went into minute detail about what she did for her job, what irritated her about it and where she thought she would be in the near future. Her blue eyes radiated supreme pleasure at having an audience listen to her life and her energy was static with satisfaction with her choices. Knowing that people get most excited when talking about themselves, I let her tell me all about the extraordinary things she was doing. It wasn’t long before I too, felt she was indeed living an extraordinary life. Her contagious enthusiasm about a job I never would want to do in my life, left me feeling I had been sitting down with someone special.

When my turn came to share, my energy level was not anywhere close to hers. I just didn’t have it in me to describe my goings on and it wasn’t long before my friend’s eyes lost the glitter and took on the murky respectful tones of one who is gearing up to listen to an ordinary account of something. Losing steam, I opted for the always handy, ” I haven’t been up to much really.” Relief was evident because I had released her from having to listen to what would have been a lackluster report of what I had been up to.

I went home, feeling a little hollow about my life but at the same time, knew that it was up to me to decide if what I do in my daily lifeis extraordinary. Without having enthusiasm for my own life, how could I expect others to think it extraordinary? It takes energy and an appreciation of the

Ordinarily… Extraordinary

day-to-day things we take for granted. The little things that make our lives like the errands, the bills, the jobs, the children have character and we need to breathe life into them. Being a fan of your own life will give these ordinary things, the extraordinary shine they need.

I can’t say its easy, there are days when I simply want to get things done and couldn’t care less if I have the enthusiasm for them. But on the most part I would love it if I could have the energy to give my ordinary life some much-needed extraordinary shine.

Even the most ordinary things can be extraordinary.

Have a most extraordinary day!


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