The Middle Way…


Pennine Way (28)
The Middle Way is not always the Smoothest way

I was watching a documentary on the conflict between China and Tibet. Intense anguish was clearly evident as the exiled Tibetans  struggled with bleak dissonance as the Dalai Lama urged for the Middle Way (finding a peaceful solution that works for all parties); which was in  direct  contrast with the driving desire for complete independence from China as evidenced by the rioting in Tibet.

As the documentary progressed, it was clear that in practice, the Middle Way, is as difficult and alien a concept even to a people who have been practicing it for eons. And as I watched each of the Dalai Lama’s efforts at a peaceful resolution, get thwarted by the indomitable China, I couldn’t help but wonder as to whether the Middle Way was just a option exercised by those who have options. After all, when all else fails, when all effort at peaceful resolution fails, is it even possible to find a Middle Way to finding a solution?

Time and time again, we find ourselves in the position when there is no choice other than to lose our cool. To yell, or just ‘tell it like it is’. You know that moment when the composed you gives way to the impulsive you and the conciliatory -Middle Way-you is gone.  And after you have said or done the thing which you wish you could take back or that you cannot change, what then?

Sometimes, there is no Middle Way, there is just moving on and accepting that what has happened has happened. Or that there is more suffering to come before you can enjoy the luxury of exercising the Middle Way.



2 thoughts on “The Middle Way…

  1. A difficulty is that often people feel that their own way is already the Middle Way – it is the only reasonable way, so shifting to a different way is unreasonable. If we can respect other people’s opinions as much as we respect our own, the possibility for a genuinely Middle Way can open up.

    1. Thanks Paul, You are absolutely right!
      Your Middle Way, may be different from My Middle Way. The true Middle Way is not always comfortable and therefore difficult to follow. Even I have trouble staying in the Middle of things, I often find myself veering off the path and then realizing only too late that I had followed my desires.

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