New Beginnings…Starting over anytime, anywhere.

A Beginning is the start of something. It is possible to multiple new beginnings. Take for example our interactions with the close people in our lives. I see my family every single day, but something my son said the other day made me realize that I should begin (again) paying close attention to what he  likes to do instead of just getting him involved in what I feel he should be doing. In that moment, I realized that I had just began a new way of approaching conversations with my son.

new beginning
new beginning

We often put off for later things we know we ought to change in our lives and then spend most of our time feeling discontented with the way our lives are turning out. Having a new beginning at any time makes it possible to make an instant change in your life.

My most recent new beginning at work….to smile more often. It sure helps cover up for certain inefficiencies.

Have a new beginning won’t you?


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