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I am now working on a manuscript. It is a challenging endeavor made all the more arduous by the virtue of the steep learning curve involved in breaking into a  new venture.

I hope to use this page to chronicle my journey as I delve into previously uncharted waters of writing and hopefully find my way to experiencing  the fruition of my undertaking.

On this page I will also deal with inner fears  characteristic of writing. The ever-present trepidation  in the writing experience that when dealt with correctly can  help fuel the adrenaline necessary to undertake this new exciting adventure.

Lesson 1: Having a set Schedule

Being your own boss is not easy. No evaluation sheets, no clocking in or out. As much freedom as this promises, it also means that being disciplined  is of the essence. I now have a writing routine. As soon as my husband and son have left, I get on my treadmill. I have my writing podcast already downloaded from the night before or older ones I am interested in already programmed in.  A good workout while listening to any writing advice always puts me in the right mind frame. Today for example, I realized I needed a voice recorder. It is not a pretty sight to see me holding on to the handles while trying to write down an idea I didn’t want to forget on the treadmill.

Next write write write. Have time set aside to write. This is sacred time. I don’t take calls during this time. I don’t go anywhere during this time. I don’t substitute it with anything else. I just write. Respecting this time is invaluable and will make you more focused on everything else you need to do for your writing business.

Set time aside to work on writing related tasks. Marketing, blogging, twittering  is what I set this time for. Phone calls are made during this time. Appointments are scheduled during this time. This is your ‘not writing but doing things for writing’  time.

If writing is important to you, then prioritize it.

Lesson 2: Find others involved in your craft

Writing is an isolated experience. To keep from going crazy, find others in your area who are involved in the same craft. I am currently in two writing groups. Not only does it validate that what I’m doing is not something crazy, but it also helps me have conversations with people who will give me honest to goodness criticism.

I found both groups on www.meetup.com I am sure you can find a group in your area but if you can’t just talk about your work with people who genuinely care about what you have to say.


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